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18                                         FLORA   1NDICA.

tiny of a few of the points under a microscope, lie lias made
real progress as an observer. This, we maintain, is no more
botany, than performing chemical experiments is chemistry, or
star-gazing^ astronomy. A sound elementary knowledge of
vegetable physiology is essential to the naturalist, and should
indeed be a branch of general education, as it requires nothing
but fair powers of observation and au ordinary iwmory to ac-
quire it. For the student to confine his ;itteutiOi, *o this
knowledge of the vegetable world, and to try and improve
upon it by crude experiments of his own, undertaken in igno-
rauiEC of the branches of pure botany we have enumerated, is a
very rational amusement, but .-nothing more.

A review of the progress ot the science iu Kuglaud during
the last fifty years, proves indisputably, that more botanists
were made by the thorough grounding in ela>Mfieation to
which all students \\ert* formerly subjected, than by the pre-
sent method of commencing instruction with anatomy ;md
physiology, organic chemistry, the use oi compound micro-
Srop"e$, and similar abstruse subjects, which rc imstcru^ h>
the majority of students. The latter arc* uuuvu, iu (no many
cases, perfectly ignorant of the elements of natural ?iciuv,
and require some practical acquaintance with phml.s and their
OnjHrts, before they van appreciate the relations of the tlillcrrut
brynch?i* of botany to one another, or d^eri minute Ut \\rni
what it is essential to understand first, and what is better
acquired afifrrwnnte. Were the elements of spiiwe taught at
Schools, this would not be so: We should thrn have the stu-
<eflt presenting himself at th* botanical lecture* lulhr prepared
ftrthe more dillicult branches of the M'iewc, uiul for making
that progress in them for whiph the professor's aid is Indis-
pensable, A sound practical knowled^* of system we hold to
l)can ewcntlaJ pccliminary to the study <!' the ptysiulog\ of


<xf tht Sflur*| Syatm/as illu5twrt^,by rtifdiwmnl phnUS :tfi tlu-ir
s. Tht botuBical cljwn would not (H^n b^co>itU'ml, ?w tl II*HV iiui
?/ , w *iro thrown away, nml ^n n&rtennyp vif h I l^f lci( jfml<* xf udiofl